If we had $100,000 to invest in YOUR community. What would you like to see happe

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    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    Let’s hear some community economic discussion here.

    David avatarDavid

    I’d like to see a community farm and a rec/tech center

    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    That’s what’s up!! These are the things we need bc if a people can’t clothe, feed and educate themselves they’ll always be dependent on others….and we know what they got planned for us.

    Beverlygriffin avatarBeverlygriffin

    In my city which is Wichita Kansas and the historically black neighborhoods there is out dating housing upon which black populations are abandoning or selling. In addition there is no banking investment therefore there are a multitude of empty lots. We are in the process of currently being gentrified by a major university within the black community.

    I will spend $100,000 on buying those empty lots and developing them into businesses the average cost of those Lots are 1500 to $2,500

    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    Great answers!!


    I would like to see a school of Panafrican thought but I don’t think 100K is nearly enough for that. So, instead I would launch a kids vacation camp, Kwanzaa themed and panafrican infused. We’d be non prof.

    DeeHundo avatarDeeHundo

    Honestly if there were 100,000 in available funds I would suggest affordable childcare for single parents. Withing the community ofcourse this I feel would alleviate the pressure put on singke parent homes. If I had to invest this money, I would (using my personal connections) invest in a cannabis farm. It’s the literal gold rush of our age, and it would help get our black youth back in touch with agriculture here in the usa.

    SpiritualE avatarSpiritualE

    Mental health wellness center

    PeterOlesenLund avatarPeterOlesenLund

    Expand affordable housing. Rental and real estate is off the chart at present. That said, it would take much more than $100,000 to make this change measurable in the Seacoast of New Hampshire.

    QueenCJ avatarQueenCJ

    I would want to use it to create a place where our babies and our teens can go without the threat of being killed. A place for the young ones to play And be children ,and where the teens Can be themselves talk out their issues . A Gathering place where no harm will come to them To get them off the mean streets That seem to be killing them.

    Kengshipp avatarKengshipp

    you have about twenty black owned banks in the united states. you have forty million plus black people in the united states. if ten million black people went online and put one hundred dollars in online black banking checking account and started some type of foundation or investment fund and put one dollar a month to the fund that would be ten million dollars a month or one-hundred twenty million dollsra a year to work with. you could buy one apartment building a month and give black people a resonable rent each month so thay have money to buy black and money to properly raise thier children. then when they sell the building the apartment put tne money into the fund. you can also start dialog with african people to begin investments in africa with goal of one day returning to a great nation.

    Truth4All avatarTruth4All

    #TradeSchool Learn a Trade in the Construction 🔨 Industry.
    If by chance “someone” whether it be an individual, company, corporation, politician, political group or community activists with the power or connections to obtain a grant or donations to open a center or school to teach construction trades FREE of charge for all individuals looking to learn. I think this would be money very well spent. Non Profit- All instructors / Teachers donating their time to teach, advise or guest lecture their knowledge of whatever Construction Expertise they have. Years ago the High School I went to in Brooklyn NY was a Trade School. It taught many trades: Cabinet Making, Electrical installation, Air Condition and Heating, Machinery, Automotive Repair etc. TODAY? Today I don’t know of any High Schools that teach a trade or are considered a Trade School. The High School I went to taught most of the other subjects you’d learn at a regular High School but… EVERYDAY we had 3 periods of Shop Class in a row. That’s 3- continuous classes of 45 minutes together- an hour and 35 minutes in a row – 5 days a week – learning a Trade. It was taught by teachers who worked in the construction or Automotive business for years. Then, I suppose they applied to the Board of Education, passed a test and were certified to teach. Our teachers weren’t just some teachers with just basic book learned knowledge of a Trade. They were professional tradesmen, craftsmen etc. The hard part was getting a job in construction after graduation. Hard I suppose because I didn’t know anyone in the business nor did I / we know about how to get a job in the business after graduation. Finally I got a job as a helper learning everyday. Doing whatever had to be done. Sweeping, cleaning up, unloading trucks with 100 to 1000 sheets of Sheetrock- it might seem like backbreaking work but…. it wasn’t. Eventually in my case ( CARPENTRY )
    I / you’ll work alongside a professional carpenter as a team – you’re his helper / learner / apprentice and learn the trade. I waited 4 years to finally get into the Carpenters Union. One of the happiest days of my life. Union Workers get paid more. The working conditions are more professional plus you’ll be going to their Union Apprentice Classes after work. The Apprentice School taught about 10 different types of Carpentry including Blue Print reading. I mention all of the above because years ago it seemed almost impossible to get into / join the Union.
    Today- it seems like not too many young people are looking to get into the Construction Business. Plus+ — it seems like so many construction companies are desperately looking for bodies to fill those jobs. I’m talking about all trades in the Construction Business. Guess what? Even if you know nothing about whatever trade you’re looking to work in. Most Construction Companies would prefer someone who’s #1. Will work hard. #2. Be willing to Learn and have a genuine interest in learning. If you’re willing to work hard, Show up on time and not miss days of work. You’ll almost always have a job – even when the job finishes. Word of mouth about a hard worker gets you recommendations to other companies. Being less talented but being a hard worker will keep you employed more than a professional who’s lazy with 20 years of experience. Call the different unions & try to get on their list to become an Apprentice. $$ SO…. if I had $100,000.00 to invest in any community I’d use it to open a Training Center to hire or have volunteers teach various trades. I think most of the money would go to the rental space, tools, safety equipment and Insurance if required. I’ll add more if I can add to this subject in the comment section.

    Truth4All avatarTruth4All

    I believe with word of mouth about a GOOD TRAINING CENTER to learn various trades – it’ll only bring in good feedback and inquiries from other communities. Possibly additional money / donations because those that REALLY want to learn- will learn. It doesn’t matter if you hated school, never graduated, you think you’re a tough guy or an ex con. Those that register to learn a Trade Will because THEY WANT TO. The feeling of satisfaction seeing what you built from start to finish on a job site will boost your confidence, make you money and bring you a weekly salary. Hopefully if a construction company hires you from a Monday to Friday- you’ll be busy working on the weekends also because- word of mouth will have people seeking you out for work / projects because 1. You’re a hard worker who does the job, completes the job professionally without having to be called back to fix mistakes.
    That’s my idea for $100.000.00
    If others can get this done: Please do so.
    DON’T take on this Teaching/ Training Center idea to make yourself wealthy. That’s not the plan.
    The plan is to teach others. The plan is to hire the best teachers / instructors/ volunteers.
    The plan is to build up confidence, a skill and let those that want to learn: LEARN.
    HOPEFULLY- EVENTUALLY- those students 17-70 will someday comeback and donate their time and knowledge to Teach, Advise and hire the the new trainees.
    GOD BLESS you all. I hope to someday see these
    FREE TRAINING CENTERS in many many communities.

    Gizzie_mo234 avatarGizzie_mo234

    …in Africa that’s no small quid and would go a long way in touching the lives of the poor and vulnerable…. part would pay fees for about 20 children of school age from poor homes who are out of school and doing menial jobs to support the family. A part of the money would go as a revolving loan : $100 to petty traders to support their business payable in 90 days at 5% interest

    Gizzie_mo234 avatarGizzie_mo234

    …in Africa that’s no small quid and would go a long way in touching the lives of the poor and vulnerable…. part would pay fees for about 20 children of school age from poor homes who are out of school and doing menial jobs to support the family. A part of the money would go into trainings/skills acquisitions + revolving loan after : $100 to petty traders and small farmers mostly women to support their businesses payable in 90 days for traders and after harvest for farmers at 5% interest

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