Q: What happen to the respect of the elders in our community?

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    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    I’m trying to figure out when it became a thing for us to ignore those that came before us and dismiss them as out of touch, rather than loving, honoring and seeking their opinions?

    Perhaps you can help me with this.

    Gizzie_mo234 avatarGizzie_mo234

    …parents who should be teaching their children while they’re still amenable are too busy chasing careers, money or are in jail, the schools teach theories and teachers play safe, the media and entertainment teach fantasies while religion is wrapped in inhumanity (paedophiles,fraud and terrorism) everything is failing and instead of retracing our steps to the organic ways, we rely on technology. The family system is in disarray,tackle family values and you’ll have a society where children respect their parents and elders as they grow.

    Ms-Butler avatarJulia S. Butler

    As one of those Elders you reference, the main problem is children not being raised. When you are running the street yourself, you don’t have time to raise a child, they raise themselves. The generation we raised [who are now considered Generation X] were alright in passing down societal [that’s societal in the hood!] manners and such. However, THEIR children – my niece calls them the ‘crack babies who grew up’ – have gone buck wild, as if no one told them anything. That would be the Millenials. They seem to have come to the conclusion that experience means nothing for today. It’s unfortunate, but true – it’s the experience that gets you where you need to be. I pray they realize this before it’s too late.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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