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    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    Thebluescrawlers avatarThebluescrawlers

    Whats holding Black people back is their self, and not sticking together, and being jealous of each other. That’s whats holding us back.
    With our own Social media site we can get rid of a lot of problems we have with outsiders, and invaders. Just because your skin is black don’t mean that your with us. You need to make sure your not some house boy/girl, for the invaders and then rely on our own support,
    as a people of color. If we had 2-5 million people on here that would be great power. So everybody need to tell our brothers and sister about this site. Open up opportunity’s across the Globe.

    Danashiia avatarDanashiia

    We have no sense of unity, loyalty, or love for our own race. We love to dismiss the fact that the other nations especially the white nation has been our enemy for decades and still is. We have so much hatered for one another and can’t seem to agree on what needs to be done to improve and sustain our race post slavery. We’re confused on who we are and sadly a lot of us are unwilling to gain understanding of who were were pre slavery. Sadly, a lot of us like to disassociate ourselves from our people. We rather be anybody but us, rather be around anybody but us, rather love anybody but us .etc…. We’re unwilling to be lead and take direction and correction from our own.

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    Juslagrand avatarJuslagrand

    We see ourselves through the eyes of white folks. We are overly critical of our own stuff and people. We have no collective self-
    Identity. I’m not sure if we have a common goal because we don’t see ourselves as having a common struggle. We have been systematically taught to hate anything black. We are god’s according to scripture but we prefer to be niggas. I don’t know how much we love us, all of us. Even in our differences we have to find a way to love our brothers and sisters. I don’t know, this is a tough one. We can be everything we aspire to be

    Easy1155 avatarEasy1155

    Our unwillingness to think outside the box and start to build economic and generational growth. We appear to be stuck in a selfish, materialistic, brand name cycle, that won’t allow us to grow economically because of how we use our capital. We should be working together, pooling our money to build within our community, raising money to invest in business and or real estate, which would give us a foot hold on land and physical structures.

    Just my stuff

    Camille avatarCamille


    waynelaboy avatarwaynelaboy

    unfortunately we have a loooooooooong way to go. an act from God is what it may take and it’s goinfg to be horrible i feel.

    QueenCJ avatarQueenCJ

    Themselves. First of all they think someone owes them something. Every time a black business owner tries to open up a store in the community black people always think they owe them something they think they should get discounts you don’t ask the Chinese store owners for discounts you don’t ask the Arab Store owner for a discount so why ask the black owner he owes you nothing. So Now you think the Black store owner thinks he’s better than everyone else, and you start robbing him so why would a black store owner want to put a store in a black community when you’ll only tear down. Black people don’t know how to be happy for another black person and support them. They don’t understand when you support the man that has a business in your community then another Black business owner will open up another business in your community, and then we begin to flourish but everybody’s looking for a handout Black business owners are not the welfare system. This can go vice versa a lot of black business owners up their prices when they open up a business in a black neighborhood so if you’re trying to build up a neighborhood with your black businesses and you want them to support you then they need to be able to afford your products why would you price gouge on your own people that’s what dishonest, and Makes you look greedy. If you want support from your black community when it comes to your business you need to be fair in your pricing. You should know if you’re going to open up a black business in a black community You’ll be selling to the middle class and poor so what’s the sense in Hiking up your prices when they can’t afford it.

    Sway_Zilla avatarSway_Zilla

    I believe we all hold a piece to this key and we need to acknowledge what we can do as individuals to help our communities gain traction. Let’s not talk about what is holding the communities back rather let us talk about what we can do right now as individuals to help our minority communities push forward, in my opinion there is no sense in trying to point fingers let us grab each other’s hands and lead the way to salvation. It all starts with us as corny as that may sound I truly believe we all have an impact within our own circles and we can do so much by just having simple conversations of empowerment to those around us; the key is not to be silent or to start pointing fingers unless you are pointing in the direction we need to go. We need to hold ourselves individually responsible for what we can accomplish in a day even if it is small; I may not have many friends but I do my hardest everyday to push forward for the betterment of myself as well as those around me. Thanks to the internet we can have open forums like this to bounce ideas off each other and many resources at our fingertips. If you guy’s haven’t heard of Push Black, Minority Report, and Trigger Warning with Killer Mike I suggest you check those out! I know there are many more resources and I would love to hear more, we just all need to take individual responsibility and say what have I done today to help make this change.

    Few0120 avatarFew0120

    We as a cultural people forgot how to CHANGGE as a unit. Our Units are our Families Strongest VALUE of Survival.
    When we plant we build. When we build in the MIND,we conquer in the Body. When conquer in the body,we conquer in the house. The house produces togetherness. Togetherness, bring US to an EMPIRE built from Within. FIRST we must overstand,we we’re wounded, but never defeated.

    The MIND is the Key to Life. You can transplant different major organs of the ,but you can never transplant the MIND. You can only transform it.

    Cathie avatarCathie

    Racism And Jealousy. Pure Ignorance. And No Self Respect.

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