What will it take for the Black community to unite?

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    Jackson Ra avatarJackson Ra

    We are in desperate need of each other!

    QueenCJ avatarQueenCJ

    I believe if we were faced with complete genocide or if our freedom was literally at stake.

    Kengshipp avatarKengshipp

    there are 19 black owned banks. you have about 40 million black people in the united states. If 10 million black people opened a account online in a black bank and started a foundation to help black people here and in africa and they put one dollar a month into the foundation that would be 10 million dollars a month and 120 million a year for black people to help black people with the goal of one day leaving the united states and going to africa to live.

    Sway_Zilla avatarSway_Zilla

    People vote with their dollars and thus we should start to allocate our funds toward the growing minority businesses. There are great resources out there such as Minority Report(businesses) and Push Black(history and black advocacy) that you can already start throwing your money at to increase the voice of your people. The first thing is truly supporting each other with the money that we make from other businesses into our own rather than blowing it on places like Mcdonald’s, Nike, Papa Johns etc.etc. etc. @Kengshipp brings up a valid point by moving our money into black owned banks is a brilliant idea to start getting our money back into our communities.

    QueenCJ avatarQueenCJ

    When does tanks of war come rolling through their neighborhoods

    Remembertheprisoner avatarRemembertheprisoner

    We cannot Unite until we realize who we really are as a nation. Once that happens all the collective brainwashing from the religion given to us by our enemy captors i.e Christianity, altered history and fake science will simply melt away. Then and only then will we realize just how amazing and special and blessed we are and we will come together and function as a supportive national unit.

    Gizzie_mo234 avatarGizzie_mo234

    …enlightenment and support black businesses to grow black economy because an empowered black man will not sell his destiny for a plate of porridge,as it is betrayal,ignorance and distrust that is killing and keeping us polarised

    FUdo avatarFUdo

    I think the common cause of getting reparations for our community is a means to harness unity among us. From the riches man to the poorest women would desire land and provide closure to the heinous treatment we and our ancestors received when Plymouth rock landed on our peaceful society. Remember the oppressors have taught us to hate ourselves we must rise above!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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