Undoing Our Mis-Education

Members want to learn more about our people, struggle and story, but don’t know where to start. Urban Intellectuals is taking guess work out and putting it into a sequence that makes sense for your further growth and development.

NOTE: The Resource Library isn’t live just yet, but we are working on it. Educational Module 1 & the social network is ready to go. With your registration, you have access to both.

FEEDBACK: There is a feedback button in the navigation, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think about membership offering, how we can improve the experience and what you like most about it. All feedback will help use develop the future of this offering and make it better for your development.

Undoing the Mis-Education

Module 1 has been designed to give you a some perspective on our story. The history we have been fed has written us and our achievements out of human existence. It is important we never separate from who we are as a people and what we’ve accomplished. 

These six videos have been selected to do just that. We suggest you take them down in order, but it wouldn’t hurt to start with what interest you most. Either way, be sure to get all six of these videos and let’s discuss in the UI Social.

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Ready for Module 2 to Undo our Mis-education?


Module 2 isn’t actually ready yet. Thank you for your interest, but it is coming soon.

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